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Grupo Sur has been present in the international market uninterruptedly since 2005. However, in 2011 the incorporation of new partners resulted in the growth of equity and stake out a new horizon to more ambitious, comprehensive and inclusive business.

To crystallize this new business concept, predominant management principles have been defined: efficiency, consistency and control.

With efficiency we pretend to be, above all, competitive and profitable. To achieve this goal we carry out an exhaustive associate selection that will operate in each link of the supply chain.

With consistency we look to be predictable in all operations being develop. To ensure this, we are working on the introduction of Quality Management Standards in major processes.

Through control we want to ensure openness and security to all our customers and suppliers. The Group has hired one of the most important consulting companies in the world in its area of expertise to perform the control process on the company.


Grupo Sur Alimentos  business philosophy rests its certainty in the fact that an industry cannot model its growth. In the comfortable setting in which demand exceeds supply. As these conditions can change abruptly in a context of interconnected and globalized economies.

It is essential to implement an innovative concept which allows to assemble a scheme of members and associates, customers and suppliers, technology and knowledge suppliers, all of them joined behind a goal of common growth and sustainable development.

On the grounds on this philosophy, Grupo Sur Alimentos aims to:

• Become a partners and associates network working systemically at every link in the chain, from production to the final consumer worldwide.
• Become an associate operator and a productive requestor, marketer, efficient logistics and exporter, and appreciated in the domestic and regional market.
• Become a strategic partner for suppliers and customers in the integrated industry process providing creativity and innovation.

The 5 core values within GRUPO SUR Alimentos are:

Innovation: Doing business differently.
Competitiveness: Work to be cost leaders.
Openness: Working to open issues, we hope to show business the way it is.
Simplicity: To show ourselves the way we are and thus enjoy more what we do.
Reliability: we do not commit to what we are not sure we able to comply.


GRUPO SUR Alimentos understands the strategic relations as a fundamental prop with his philosophy of business scheme based on the concept of networks. This structure assures that every link of the chain of offers and requirements of products and services should be produced by its own owner, and with this to guarantee efficiency and absolute responsibility, granting excellence in the management.

Each partner has a percentage of the business and is directly based on the results of the same, and has the support of the rest of the structure operating in similar conditions.

Under these slogans, a strategic agreement has been concreted with Puerto Arroyo Seco SRL, an important company located in the Province of Santa Fe, which possesses a plant of processing, conditioning, prepared and packaged of products, and consolidated that will allow developing a suitable process in this link of the chain.

The value with the one that counts every link makes that the associated producers and suppliers are the base of our business scheme.
Also, with the intention of achieving the highest level of excellence in management and provide greater transparency to the associates, we have the external audit of a global leader in consulting and auditing companies. 
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